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Chaco Canyon (N.M.) -- Antiquities

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 33 Collections and/or Records:

1980-1984 Loop Road Project

Identifier: Coll 0014
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents:

Correspondence, drawings, maps, notes, and photographs related to excavation and mitigation work associated with the Loop Road Project at 29SJ 626, 29SJ 597, 29SJ 329, 29SJ 622, the historic era Employees Quarters (also known as Hyde House) adjacent to Pueblo del Arroyo, and various other locations, including testing along the South Loop Road. There appear to be no records for the work done at 29SJ 622 (Acc 470), except for a field specimen list.
Dates: 1920-1990 (bulk dates: 1980-1984)

1997 Pecos Conference Records

Identifier: Coll 0305
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents:

This is an assembled collection containing planning notes, conference ephemera, maps, correspondences, financial records, newsletters, publications, negatives, photographs, obituaries, permit records, compact cassette tapes, papers presented, transcriptions, floppy disks, and exhibit materials.
Dates: 1996-2008 (bulk dates: 1997)

Ann and Susan Kent Collection

Identifier: Coll 0044
Scope and Contents Notes, Correspondence, Masters Thesis, Ephemera Collection consists of various documentation related to Susan Kent and Ann Kent’s travels in the Southwest and Mexico between 1926 and 1930, attending the UNM Field School sessions in 1929 and 1930. This includes correspondence, Field School Bulletins, written accounts from Anna Kent of her experiences, copies of articles, and the Masters thesis of Susan Kent.
Dates: 1924–1982 (bulk dates: 1924-1933)

Anne Harding Photograph Collection

Identifier: Coll 0050
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents:

The collection consists of 118 photographs and 1 photo album.

Pictures are from the UNM Chaco Canyon field school that Anne Harding attended in 1937. Many have brief notations on the back.
Dates: 1937

Archaeological Society of New Mexico Chaco Rock Art Field School Collection

Identifier: Coll 0026
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents: Includes photographs, negatives, slides, site forms, and drawings associated with rock art documentation of Chaco Canyon. Includes correspondence relating to the 1995 Archaeological Society of New Mexico Field School reunion in Chaco Canyon. Many negatives are missing, as are some field site records. The negatives were probably kept by the field school student taking the actual photograph. Contributors to this collection include Col. James Bain, Paul...
Dates: 1974-1995 (bulk dates: 1975-1982)

Armand Winfield Collection

Identifier: Coll 0045
Scope and Contents Manuscript,magazine and newspaper articles, Resumes, Press Releases, Lantern SlidesThis collection contains an unpublished manuscript entitled “Windy,” a bio-novel account of his experience at the 1939 and 1940 field schools as well as experience as a graduate student at the University of New Mexico. It also contains a photocopy of Armand's scrapbook with his captions, a resume, published articles of his plastics research, and glass lantern slides (circa 1940) which relate...
Dates: 1943-2003 (bulk dates: 1939-1940)

Barbara Mills' Ceramics Data and Notes

Identifier: Coll 0036
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents:

File units consist almost exclusively of computer data sheets. Any notes are usually of data to be entered into the computer.
Dates: 1983-1986 (bulk dates: 1985)

Carol Joiner Slide Collection

Identifier: Coll 0046
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents:

Slides donated by Carol Joiner, a former volunteer in Chaco Canyon. These slides were taken between 1978 and 1981 and include images of Chetro Ketl, Kin Kletso, Penasco Blanco, the South Escarpment, Fajada Butte, Doll House Mesa, Pueblo Bonito, Jackson Stairway, Kin Kleso, South Gap, Gallo Canyon, Judd's Well and Alto Mesa. There are also 2 pictures of the Angel Peak Recreation Area and 6 Slides of Mesa Verde.
Dates: 1978-1981

Chaco Center Historic Photograph Collection

Identifier: Coll 0028
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents

Correspondence, Inventories, Film Negatives, Photographs, Photocards, Interpositives, Maps, Reports.

Some have been digitized.
Dates: 1887-1985 (bulk dates: 1920s–1940s)

Chaco Culture Interagency Management Group (IMG) Records

Identifier: Coll 0039
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents: Newspaper articles, drafts of congressional bills, reports of archeological sites and outliers, land surveys and reports, draft guidelines for management of Chaco Cultural Archeological Protection Sites, task directives, general management plans, congressional amendments and bills, archeological surveys, maps of archeological sites, Senate Subcommittee testimony, congressional records, and memorandums from involved agencies. Most of the material is dated between...
Dates: 1972-2006 (bulk dates: 1977-1996)

Chaco Culture National Historical Park Additional Lands Survey Records

Identifier: Coll 0003
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents:

This collection contains archeological site forms, analysis forms, aerial photographs, reports and correspondence.
Dates: 1983-1984

Chaco Culture National Historical Park Manuscript Collection

Identifier: Coll 0013
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents:

Manuscripts, reports, magazine and journal articles, dissertations
Dates: 1861-2006

Chaco Culture National Historical Park Natural Resource Records

Identifier: Coll 0200
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents:

This collection contains records that capture and speak to the understanding and interpretation of the Natural Resources of the park. Included in this collection are records associated with research projects, studies, reports, data, park-wide annual inventories and counts, and other related documentation.
Dates: 1923-2011 (Bulk Dates: 1940-1999)

Chaco Culture National Historical Park Old Timers Reunion Collection

Identifier: Coll 0034
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents:

Slides, Audiotapes, Photographs, Negatives, Photocards, Correspondence, Meeting notes, Papers
Dates: 1935-1997 (bulk dates: 1935-1990)

Chaco Culture National Historical Park Resource Management Records

Identifier: Coll 0300
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents:

This collection contains the Resource Management Records for Chaco Canyon National Historical Park. It contains Administration Records, Development and Maintenance Records, History and Archeology Records, Lands and Recreation Planning Files, and Natural and Social Sciences Files.
Dates: 1936-2004 (bulk dates: 1960-1990)

Chaco Culture National Historical Park Ruin Stabilization Records

Identifier: Coll 0021
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents:

Records produced by the Ruin Stabilization Unit (RSU) during the course of stabilization projects in Chaco Canyon. Inlcudes stabilization reports, photographs, negatives, administrative files, and maps.
Dates: 1933-1976 (bulk dates: 1933-1969)

Chaco Wood Project Records

Identifier: Coll 0015
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents:

Contains wood documentation forms, architecture recording forms, tree ring lab data, reports, field notes, site drawings, maps, correspondence, memos, administrative papers, electronic records on CD-R and/or other media.

*Note for 0015/002.005 suggests Tom Windes' papers were digitized.
Dates: 1919-2009 (bulk dates: 1985-2007)

Chetro Ketl Painted Wood Records

Identifier: Coll 0004
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents:

Gordon Vivian's records documenting the analysis and writing of the report. Includes correspondence, memos, draft reports, drawings, maps, black & white and color prints and negatives, and card files.
Dates: 1947-1978

Donated Historic Photograph Collections

Identifier: Coll 0053
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents: Prints, negatives, glass lantern slides Note: For this collection, if the subject is a site photo, the Physical Description field is used to record the site number. The Physical Characteristics field contains information, if known, about whether or not there is a Safety Negative and where the photocard, if any, is housed. The Summary Notes field tallies the different formats of the image. The School of American Research donated collection was also pasted on to...
Dates: 1903-1976

Jane Kolber Photograph Collection

Identifier: Coll 0009
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents:

Slides, Prints, Negatives

Digital images available. Contact sheet on archival paper in document box. Slides, prints and negatives have been placed in cold storage.
Dates: 1972-2006

Jim (Joseph James) Trott Records

Identifier: Coll 0054
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents: Associated field records from the office of Jim Trott. Includes CHCU project files, correspondence, field notes, maps, reports,VHS tapes, architctural documentation, interagency agreements between NPS and the Navajo Nation. Includes records regarding the NPS Fajada Butte Solstice Project, the Backfilling Program at Chetro Ketl and Pueblo Bonito Sites, and Drainage Repair at BC 50, BC 51, and BC 59. The collection also includes field records,...
Dates: 1973-2002 (bulk dates: 1980-2001)

Linda S. Cordell Papers

Identifier: MSS-1058-BC
Abstract The collection consists of archaeologist Linda Cordell's research files and data, excavation site plans, correspondence, papers, and conference materials.
Dates: Majority of material found within 1971-2013; 1927-2013

Lloyd Pierson Records

Identifier: Coll 0011
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents:

Records pertaining to Pierson's archaeological site survey and research on the history of archaeological excavation in Chaco Canyon.

Includes site survey file cards, field photos and negatives of most of the sites; correspondence, and a manuscript report on the survey. Also includes a copy of his MA thesis on Chaco Canyon for the University of New Mexico Department of Anthropology.
Dates: 1942-1986 (bulk dates: 1954-1960)

National Park Service and Getty Conservation Institute Backfill Testing Project Records

Identifier: Coll 0047
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents:

Collection is divided into two series based on the two main sites investigated (Pueblo Bonito and Chetro Ketl in that order). For both sites the documents contained are as follows: data analysis sheets, scale drawings, graph charts, photos, negatives, contact sheets, VHS video tapes, photo logs, draft reports, final reports, memorandums, correspondence, research proposals, and academic journal articles
Dates: 1920-2004 (bulk dates: 1992-1996)

National Park Service Chaco Project Records

Identifier: Coll 0002
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents: This collection contains the records pertaining to 29SJ and 29MC sites survey, excavation, data analyses, and research publications conducted by the National Park Service Chaco Project staff at the Chaco Center, a research unit under the direction of the Southwest Regional Office. The records are organized into series primarily by site excavation or survey project. Other series include special studies, images, computer data, administrative files, and the...
Dates: 1823-2005 (bulk dates: 1970-1985)