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University of New Mexico. School of Medicine

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Alice H. Cushing oral history collection

Identifier: HHC 119
Scope and Contents This interview with Dr. Alice Cushing (1930-2019) surveys the early part of her career. She was a pediatrician in Albuquerque and chair of the University of New Mexico School of Medicine's Department of Pediatrics. Dr. Cushing provides information about the foundation and early development of the University of New Mexico School of Medicine in the early 1960s; the pioneer internship and residency programs at the Bernalillo County Indian Hospital (UNM Hospital); the pediatrics community in...
Dates: 1984 July 10

Edward D. Fikany oral history collection

Identifier: HHC 129
Scope and Contents This interview with Dr. Edward D. Fikany (1917-2002) of Fort Sumner, New Mexico (De Baca County) provides insights into rural or smalltown practice in New Mexico during the last half of the twentieth century. A Northwestern University Medical School graduate, Dr. Fikany set up practice in Ft. Sumner (pop. 3000 and less) in 1948 and remained in continuous service there for more than 42 years. Among the subjects discussed in some detail in this interview are the economics and logistics of rural...
Dates: 1987 February 1

Fabian Chavez oral history collection

Identifier: HHC 114
Scope and Contents This interview with former State Senator Fabian Chavez (1924-2008) focuses on his critical role in the establishment of the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. State Senator Chavez (Democrat) was Senate Majority Leader in 1961, when the New Mexico Legislature first committed state money toward establishment of a medical school, and he was still in that position four years later, when the decision to expand to a four-year school was taken. This interview discusses the politics involved...
Dates: 1987 March 30

George E. Omer, Jr. papers

Identifier: HHC 341
Content Description These papers help document Dr. Omer's medical career and other activities. They were left in the order found by the archivist. Types of records include publications by Dr. Omer, correspondence, photographs, slides, and other items.

This finding aid provides box-level description. Original folder titles were retained when present.
Dates: Primarily mid-20th to early 21st century

Harry D. Ellis oral history collection

Identifier: HHC 72
Scope and Contents This interview surveys the life and career of Dr. Harry D. Ellis (1921-1997), a longtime pathologist of Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico. One of the earliest board-certified pathologists to practice in the state, Dr. Ellis set up his private practice and laboratory in Santa Fe in 1954 and practiced there and throughout northern New Mexico until 1982. In that year, he shifted his practice to Albuquerque, while establishing The Reference Lab, Inc., the largest private pathology laboratory in...
Dates: 1991 September 6

Jack M. Campbell oral history collection

Identifier: HHC 111
Scope and Contents This interview with Jack M. Campbell (1916-1999) summarizes his involvement with two New Mexico medical institutions, the University of New Mexico School of Medicine and the Lovelace Medical Foundation. The medical school was created by the New Mexico legislature while Campbell was speaker of its House of Representatives, and the school formally opened during his tenure as governor. Governor Campbell also served for several years on the Lovelace Medical Foundation's Board of Trustees, and the...
Dates: 1985 October 25

Joseph V. Scaletti papers

Identifier: HHC 323
Scope and Contents The Joseph V. Scaletti papers, HHC 323, date 1950-2010. Types of records include correspondence, publications, research and teaching materials, photographs and other media, administrative files, and other items. These papers help document Dr. Scaletti’s education, career, and professional activities – primarily at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. Original folder titles were kept when present. Folder titles and notes created by the archivist are in square brackets. The finding...
Dates: 1950-2010

Kenneth D. Gardner, Jr. oral history collection

Identifier: HHC 80
Scope and Contents This interview with Dr. Kenneth D. Gardner, Jr. (1929- ), a nephrologist of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and a long-term faculty member of the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, focuses on his career in New Mexico. Among the subjects discussed are Dr. Gardner's personal and professional background; his pioneering and innovative work at UNM-SOM as dean responsible for graduate medical school education at the school; his reflections on the strengths and weaknesses of those programs at...
Dates: 1995 March 13

Pediatric History Project collection

Identifier: HHC 339
Scope and Contents The Pediatric History Project collection, HHC 339, dates 1966-1991, bulk 1989-1991. The collection consists of New Mexico Pediatric Society newsletters, correspondence, history committee materials, and research files about New Mexico pediatricians. The collection is organized into two series: Pediatric History and Provider Research Files. Original order and folder titles were retained.
Dates: 1966-1991; Majority of material found in 1989-1991

Prevention Research Center records

Identifier: HHC 340
Scope and Contents The Prevention Research Center records, HHC 340, date 1977-2004, bulk 1991-2004. Types of records include Pathways curriculum materials, notes, studies, photographs, posters, and other items. These records help document the history and activities of UNM's Prevention Research Center.

To view additional materials, please visit the UNM Digital Repository.
Dates: 1977-2004; Majority of material found in 1991-2004

R. Philip Eaton papers

 Collection — Container CN 157
Identifier: HHC 38
Scope and Contents These papers date 1921-1988, bulk 1982-1988. They include Dr. Eaton's CV, newspaper clippings about the New Mexico insulin pump, articles, and four issues of the Journal de Pharmacie de Belgique.
Dates: 1923-1988; Majority of material found in 1982-1988

Reginald H. Fitz oral history collection

Identifier: HHC 131
Scope and Contents This interview with Dr. Reginald H. Fitz, III (1920-2013) a Dean Emeritus of the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, surveys his years as founder-dean of the UNM School of Medicine. Selected as first dean of the new school in 1961 and charged with building it, Dr. Fitz spent seven years in Albuquerque and presided over the planning and preparation period leading down to the school's opening in 1964 and over its first four years of operation. In this interview, Dean Fitz summarizes the...
Dates: 1988 May 14; 1993 May 13

Robert Edwin Anderson oral history collection

Identifier: HHC 98
Scope and Contents This interview with Dr. Robert E. Anderson (1931-2009) focuses largely on the creation and early years of the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. Dr. Anderson summarizes his own personal and professional background; analyzes the reasons for his decision to join the brand new school in 1964 (and suggests those of many of his colleagues); sketches the prominent individuals involved in the early history of the institution; provides information about the first decade or so of the school's...
Dates: 1984 September 5, 1984 October 2

Robert H. Gervais oral history collection

Identifier: HHC 138
Scope and Contents This interview surveys the early life and career of Dr. Robert H. Gervais (1929-2021), a psychiatrist practicing in Roswell, New Mexico. Among the subjects discussed in this interview are Dr. Gervais's personal and professional backgrounds; his service in and views on UNM-SOM's early efforts in the field of psychiatry in the late 1960s, including testimony regarding the early years of the Mental Health Center; Dr. Gervais's reflections on the efforts to establish modern psychiatric services in...
Dates: 1991 August 9