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Yellowstone National Park -- Pictorial works

Subject Source: Unspecified ingested source

Found in 24 Collections and/or Records:

3 stereos; 1 photo; 2 photogravures; and a campaign song

Identifier: HP.1989.66-MNM.PA.1989.388-MNM.PA.1179
Dates: ca. 1860-1930

6 boudoir photographs by F. Jay Haynes of Yellowstone and Minnesota

Identifier: HP.1981.33-MNM.1981.056-MNM.PA.602
Dates: ca. 1876-1921?

9 boudoir card photographs of Western scenes by F. Jay Haynes

Identifier: HP.1981.28-MNM.1981.050-MNM.PA.601
Dates: ca. 1876-1921

14 stereos of Western views and Mexico

Identifier: HP.1989.13-MNM.PA.1989.064-MNM.PA.1118
Dates: ca. 1860-1920

15 stereoviews mostly of the American West

Identifier: HP.1988.73-MNM.PA.1988.365-MNM.PA.1100
Dates: ca. 1860-1920

28 Stereoviews of Colorado and Yellowstone National Park and 1 photo

Identifier: HP.1976.17-MNM.1976.12-MNM.PA.211
Dates: ca.1860-1920?

F. Jay Haynes photographs of Yellowstone

Identifier: HP.1994.54-MNM.1994.471.02
Dates: ca. 1883-1916

F. Jay Haynes photographs of Yellowstone and the West

Identifier: HP.1995.62-MNM.1995.932.04
Dates: ca. 1883-1916

John Pappas: 10 photos of Western views by Willliam H. Jackson and John K. Hillers

Identifier: HP.1989.74-MNM.1989.417.10
Dates: ca. 1869-1900?

Julian Wolff: Stereoviews of Utah, Colorado, Iowa

Identifier: HP.1991.76-MNM.1992.278-MNM.PA.1244

National Electric Light Association Photograph Album

Identifier: PICT-989-001
Abstract A commemorative album for passengers on the "New York to New York Via Seattle Red and Blue Special" train.
Dates: 1912

Photographs by William H. Jackson

Identifier: HP.1993.69-MNM.1993.753.05
Dates: 1892 - 1910

Photographs of the West by John K. Hillers and William H. Jackson

Identifier: HP.1985.099-MNM.1985.473.7

Photographs of the Western United States

Identifier: HP.1977.03-MNM.1977.0111-MNM.PA.264