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Photographs of the Western United States

Identifier: HP.1977.03-MNM.1977.0111-MNM.PA.264

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2 photographs and 15 stereographs of New Mexico (Isleta, Taos Pueblo), Colorado, and Yellowstone by various photographers.

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Leon Jacobson

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17 Photographic Prints


Photographs: "Pueblo Indians at A & P Junction or Ysleta, N.M. " by E. J. Westervelt; unidentified group of children by N. Gentry; Stereographs: "Pike's Peak from the Garden of the Gods" by W. H. Jackson & Co.; No. 173 view near Guards' Hall, Denver by J. Collier; No. 134 Amalgamating Room, Caribou Mill, Boulder by J. Collier; Cart, plow and bake ovens, Taos Pueblo by Gurnsey; No. 94 Mexican burro or donkey by Gurnsey; No. 87 65 tons silver bullion and 10 tons silver ore, Platte Station,Colorado by Gurnsey; No. 92 "Camp on Rim of the Crater" by J. Collier; No. 167 Russell Gultch, Clear Creek by J. Collier; No. 151 James Peak Trail looking north, Colorado by J. Collier; No. 127 Cupola of Public School Building, Colorado Springs by Gurnsey; No. 122 painting - The Railway on the end of Dump Mt. by Gurnsey; "The Mountain Tops from Gray's Peak" by Alex. Martin; No. 1232 "Beehive Geyser Cone" Yellowstone by T. W. Ingersoll; No. 3026 1"0ur Camp in the Rockies" Yellowstone by T. W. Ingersoll; No. 1227 "Hot Spring-Old Faithful in distance" Yellowstone by T. W. Ingersoll.