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Gurnsey, B. H. (Byron H.), 1833-1880


Found in 22 Collections and/or Records:

3 stereos; 1 photo; 2 photogravures; and a campaign song

Identifier: HP.1989.66-MNM.PA.1989.388-MNM.PA.1179
Dates: ca. 1860-1930

9 stereoviews of Colorado. most by B. H. Gurnsey

Identifier: HP.1988.52-MNM.PA.1988.348-MNM.PA.1087
Dates: ca. 1850-1930

11 stereoviews of Colorado, Utah, California

Identifier: HP.1989.57-MNM.PA.1989.370-MNM.PA.1172
Dates: ca. 1860-1920

14 stereos of Western views and Mexico

Identifier: HP.1989.13-MNM.PA.1989.064-MNM.PA.1118
Dates: ca. 1860-1920

15 stereoviews mostly of the American West

Identifier: HP.1988.73-MNM.PA.1988.365-MNM.PA.1100
Dates: ca. 1860-1920

28 Stereoviews of Colorado and Yellowstone National Park and 1 photo

Identifier: HP.1976.17-MNM.1976.12-MNM.PA.211
Dates: ca.1860-1920?

32 stereoviews and a boudoir card, most of New Mexico, 1860s-1890s

Identifier: HP.1989.26-MNM.PA.1989.401
Dates: ca. 1860s-1890s

Bill Lee: Stereoviews and Boudoir Cards of Southwestern Views

Identifier: HP.1994.13-MNM.1994.169-MNM.PA.1280
Dates: Montezuma Club Boudoir Card dated 1885

Bruce T. Ellis: stereoviews and photographs of the American West

Identifier: HP.1979.27-MNM.1979.062-MNM.GA.2250-Hp
Dates: ca. 1860-1969

Julian Wolff: Stereoviews of Colorado, and Yosemite

Identifier: HP.1990.58-MNM.1990.288-MNM.PA.1197

Maillet Donation: Photographs of Apache, Colorado and New Mexico

Identifier: HP.1977.48-MNM.1977.095-MNM.PA.327
Dates: 1870 - 1910

Margolis & Moss: Photographs of People and Places in New Mexico

Identifier: HP.1982.02-MNM.1982.02-MNM.PA.636
Dates: 1860 - 1910; 1896

Photographs of the Western United States

Identifier: HP.1977.03-MNM.1977.0111-MNM.PA.264

Postcard and stereoview of New Mexico scenes

Identifier: HP.1998.19-MNM.1998.309.02
Dates: ca. 1919; ca. 1872-1880

Stereoviews of the Southwest and other photographs

Identifier: HP.1994.42-MNM.1994.346-MNM.PA.1292

Taos Pueblo, New Mexico, 1878

Identifier: 086958
Scope and Contents From the Class: This record is used to track catalogued boudoir cards not described in another collection. Boudoir cards are card-mounted photographs much like cabinet cards, but boudoir cards are more generously sized [8.5 x 5.5 inches]. The term refers to the format, not the subject matter. The format was used beginning in the late 1870s, grew in popularity in the 1880s, and use tapered off after 1900. In some cases, images created earlier may have been republished in this format. ...
Dates: 1878