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1 postcard, 7 stereos, 1 boudoir photo and 1 souvenir folding postcard with Midwest and Western views

Identifier: HP.1988.30-MNM.PA.1988.209-MNM.PA.1051

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1 postcard of Colorado; 7 stereos of the Durango and Rio Grande Railroad, Colorado, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and New Mexico; 1 boudoir photo of Las Vegas, NM; and 1 souvenir folding postcard of Roswell, NM

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Jim King

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10 Photographic Prints


142450 - postcard - (C:-1775) "Palmy Days of Bob Ford and Soapy Smith", Creede, Colorado; 142451 - stereo - (#104) Pay Train, on the Point of Dump Mountain, D&RG by B. H. Gurnsey; 142452 - stereo - (#44) The "Mule Shoe'' D & RG by B. H. Gurnsey; 142453 - stereo - (#56) Sangre de Cristo Station, D & RG; Colorado by B.H. Gurnsey; 142454 - stereo - "Devil 's Chairs" Dalles of the St. Croix River, Wisconsin by S. C. Sargent; 142455 - stereo - "Through Dalles," back of Levi Folsom's, Dalles of the St. Croix River, Wisconsin by S. C. Sargent; 142456 - stereo - (817). Union Depot, St. Paul, Minnesota (Union View Co.); 088578 - boudoir photo - Montezuma Hotel, Las Vegas Hot Springs, N.M. by W.E. Hook; 142457 - stereo - La Bajada Hill Road, NM, copy by Jim King; Souvenir folding postcard - Roswell, New Mexico