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Reies Tijerina Papers

Identifier: MSS-654-BC

Scope and Content

The Reies Lopez Tijerina Papers document Tijerina's career as a Chicano activist in New Mexico with the bulk of the collection reflecting his activities from 1963-1978. Tijerina is most remembered for his June 5, 1967 raid on the Rio Arriba County Courthouse in Tierra Amarilla and the ensuing trial in which he defended himself to a 'not guilty' verdict.

The majority of the collection consists of the records of the land grant organization that he founded in 1963, the Alianza Federal de Mercedes (changed to Alianza Federal de Pueblos Libres in 1967). A large portion of the Alianza series (Boxes 1-31, see below) consists of Tijerina's FBI files and the Alianza membership files. Other notable sections are the People's Constitutional Party, the Poor People's Campaign, a large section regarding legal proceedings, an extensive collection of personal correspondence, a daily diary section spanning over twenty years (1974-1997), and a extensive newspaper section comprised of both rare newspapers and newspaper clippings.

The Tijerina papers are divided into twelve series:

Alianza Federal de Mercedes (1963-1983, Box 1-31) includes: the Alianza Organizational Records; Press Releases and Publications; and the Individual Memberships for NM (1963-1969) and Texas (1977-1978). This series also includes the FBI Files (1964-1980) gathered on RLT and the Alianza.

Social Programs and Projects led or co-sponsored by the Alianza (1959-1984, Box 31-33). This series reflects RLT's contacts with Mexican individuals and organizations as well as the Alianza's projects and programs including: the Caravan to Mexico Projects (1964, 1976); Los Caballeros de Las Indias Fraternal Organization (1964-1982); and, the national Poor Peoples's Campaign/March on Washington (1968). It also tells of Tijerina's own NM political party (People's Constitutional Party, 1968-70); his campaign for the office of NM Governor (Tijerina for Governor Campaign, 1968); and, general community organizing efforts. Finally, it reflects his work and interests after his prison term and pardon including: the Institute for the Research and Study of Justice (IRSJ, 1971-1976); the Brotherhood Awareness Conferences (1972-1976; the Primer Congreso Nacional de Tierra y Cultura (1972); and, La Casa de Israel (1984).

Social Activism/Social Justice illustrates this aspect of growth within the Chicano Movement (1954-1993, Box 33-35). Correspondence with local and national social movement leaders (Chicano Movement, Poor People's Campaign, and Alianza members, staff, and affiliates). This series also covers issues and themes of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s including national topics, police brutality, migrant workers, minority issues in education, etc.

Social/Political Resistance as evidenced by the Tierra Amarilla Courthouse Raid and it's aftermath including: general files and clippings; witness statements; and, subsequent investigations (1967-1977, Box 35).

Legal Case Files of RLT and others (1960-1987, Box 35-41) including: NM State Cases, Federal Cases, and Miscellaneous Cases (pre-Alianza, local and appeal cases including some correspondence).

General Correspondence (1935-1993, Box 41-44) including Alianza general business correspondence, fan mail and request for public speaking engagements, etc. A significant percentage are in Spanish.

Land Grant Reference/Information files (1848-1990, Box 44-53) include: Land Grant Files and Documentary Evidence gathered; Information and Contact with VIPs and Thematic Files; Personal Reference Files; Federal Agencies/Legislation Files; State Agencies/Legislation Files; Essays, Papers, and miscellaneous publications on Tijerina, Land Grants, Chicano Movement, Civil Rights, etc. (For full size maps/plats see MSS 654, Box 75)

RLT's Personal Files (1888-1997, Box 53-57) including: Biographical and Family Information; Family Correspondence; RLT's Personal Writings (including prison correspondence); State and Federal Prison/Paroles/Pardons; Appointment Calendars (1964-1979); Daily Diary (Spanish 1974-1997); and, Corrido samples written about and for Reies Lopez Tijerina.

Financial Records for the organizations associated with RLT (1963-1993, Box 57-59) including: the Alianza Records (1963-1982); Los Caballeros de Las Indias (1964- 1983); COMPASS Community Association (1969-1972); Institute for the Research and Study of Justice (1971-1977); Campaign for Human Development (1971-72); Brotherhood Awareness Conferences (1974-1975); Casa de Israel (1980s,1990s), RLT Personal Records (1960-1989); and, misc.

Newspaper Collection (1963-2003, Boxes 59-74) contains appoximately 20,000 articles on RLT and his activities, as well as articles of interest to Tijerina including: indigenous land issues, millennialism, nuclear armament and weapons of mass destruction, the holocaust, Middle Eastern issues, and conspiracy theories. Ask at CSWR reference desk for information about specific newspapers in this archive.

Oversize and Memorabilia(1965-1999, Box 75-79) include: Maps/plats of NM land Grants; Alianza Informational Posters/Maps; Miscellaneous Posters; and Memorabilia.

Audio and Video (1969-2002) contains recordings about Reies López Tijerina, his life history, and la Alianza Federal de los Mercedes. Impassioned speeches and “dinner talks” by Tijerina offer insight to la Alianza’s goals and missions as well as Tijerina’s investment in land grants. There are also recordings of court proceedings of the Tierra Amarilla incident. Interviews and speeches by “Corky” Gonzalez, Patsy Tijerina, and Alianza Vice President Wilfredo Sedillo are included. Eleven videos in the collection are recordings of television specials covering Tijerina’s land grant struggle and the TA incident. Other videos consist of the 1976 Brotherhood Awareness Conference, and a corrido performance honoring Tijerina.


  • 1888-2003
  • Majority of material found within 1963-1978

Language of Materials

English, Spanish

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Biographical Information

Chicano land grant activist Reies Lopez Tijerina was born September 21, 1926 in Poth, Texas, to migrant workers Antonio and Erlinda Lopez Tijerina. Tijerina enrolled in the Latin American Bible School in Saspamco, Texas in 1944. He left the seminary in 1946 to pursue religious self-discovery.

1949-1950, Tijerina spent much time in the southwest and Mexico researching land grants. He relocated his family to New Mexico in 1957, continuing his land grant research. On February 2, 1963, La Alianza Federal de Mercedes (Federal Alliance of Land Grants) was founded, largely through Tijerina's efforts. La Alianza quickly became a radical organization. Occupation of the Echo Amphitheater campground near Abiquiu, and the June 1967 armed raid on the Rio Arriba County courthouse brought national attention and intense scrutiny to La Alianza, destabilizing its membership and significantly weakening its influence upon Hispanos in New Mexico. Tijerina, facing criminal charges relating to the courthouse raid, traveled to Washington D.C. in June 1968 to head the Mexican-American contingent at the Poor People's March. He also formed his own political party, the People's Constitutional Party, and attempted to run for governor of New Mexico, but was found ineligible.

Convicted on charges of criminal assault of a federal officer and the destruction of federal property, Tijerina served time in federal prison. Released in 1971, he was ordered to sever his association with the already weakened Alianza as part of a parole agreement. He incorporated the Institute for the Research and Study of Justice (IRSJ), a non-profit group that sought to research and study all aspects of justice. In 1983, he relocated his family to Coyote, New Mexico, where he began to focus on international issues such as millennialism, nuclear armament, the Holocaust, and Middle Eastern issues, especially the Palestinian and Israeli conflict.

Trials and tribulations from La Alianza days weighed heavily on Tijerina's family life. Two failed marriages and an arson fire in 1994 which destroyed Tijerina's Coyote home and extensive library were part of the price tag for his activism. By 1995, Tijerina relocated to Michoacan, Mexico, where he continued to speak out on indigenous land issues and a variety of international issues.

Reis Lopez Tijerina died at El Paso, Texas on January 19, 2015.


76.5 cubic feet (78 Boxes)


The collection contains the papers of New Mexico land grant activist Reies Lopez Tijerina, best known for founding the Alianza Federal de Mercedes. The group organized heirs seeking to regain Spanish and Mexican land grants protected under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, an important component of the Chicano Movement.


12 series:
  1. Alianza Federal de Mercedes
  2. Social Programs
  3. Social Activism/Social Justice
  4. Social/Political Resistance
  5. Legal
  6. General Correspondence
  7. Land Grant Reference/Information
  8. Personal
  9. Financial
  10. Newspapers
  11. Oversize and Memorabilia
  12. Audio and Video

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Separated Material

The following serial publications have been catalogued in the CSWR general collection:
  1. “La Voz de La Alianza", Albuquerque, NM 1970-1971
  2. Caracol, San Antonio, TX March 1975; Feb, April, Aug 1976, Aug 1977 to MSS 755 BC
  3. El Grito del Norte, "A Cry for Justice in Northern New Mexico" (Espanola, NM 1968-1972, Las Vegas, NM 1972-1973) 1968-1973
  4. Venceremos, Papel del Barrio, Las Gorras Negras (The Black Berets) Albuquerque, NM Nov. 1971
  5. El Hispano, "Dios, Patria, Familia, Y Libertad" "The Official Spanish Language Newspaper of the State of New Mexico" 1967-1993
  6. The New Mexico Review and Legislative Journal 1969
  7. Akwesasne Notes, "Where the Partridge Drums", Rooseveltown, NY 1971-1980
  8. Dine Baa Hani, "A Navajo Newspaper published for the Navajo Nation", Crownpoint, NM 1970-1971
  9. The Navajo Times, Window Rock, AZ April, 1960, Sept. 1968
  10. Seer’s Catalogue, Albuquerque-Santa Fe, NM 1974-1976
  11. Seer’s-New Mexico’s Other Newspaper, Albuquerque, NM 1975-1976
  12. Seer’s Rio Grande Weekly, Albuquerque-Santa Fe, NM April 1-8, 1977
  13. Fountain of Light, Taos, NM 1970
  14. Sage, Santa Fe, NM May 1969, mid-Summer 1970
  15. The Tribal Messenger, Albuquerque, NM September 1, 1970, July 1, 1971, April 2, 1973
  16. Caliche County Rendering Works, Albuquerque, NM, No. 18
  17. The News Chieftan, "Oldest Newspaper Published in Albuquerque", "New Mexico’s Legal and Financial Weekly", Albuquerque, NM 1963-1965
Photographs were transferred to the Reies Tijerina Photograph Collection.

Original diaries are housed in CSWR high security area.

Archival copies of cds and dvds are stored in B3.

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Processing Information

There are no boxes numbered 65, 68, 69, 70-72, 77.

In December 2009, Tijerina's book collection was transferred out of the manuscript collection for cataloguing into the CSWR general collection. Items may be searched under the title: "Reies Tijerina Book Collection."

An addition was processed in February 2009. Boxes 80-84 were added. Also, materials were added to some existing folders; notes in the contents list document those additions.

Audio and video reformatted to cd and dvd, 2010-2011. Tapes numbered 97, 102, 109, 127, 131 were blank or inaudible.

Issues of El Papel were removed from collection for cataloguing into CSWR general collection, April 2013.
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