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New Mexico Federation of Women’s Clubs Scrapbooks

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Scope and Contents

Scrapbook 1

Outside cover is black with gold-embossed corner designs and a center raised design with the title “SCRAP BOOK” below. It is loose pages inside the hard cover bound with a black cord. Pages are very fragile and yellowed. Material in this scrapbook dates from 1934-1944.

Inside front cover, and attached to the cover, is a white and gold program entitled, “For a thousand years a Dream, For fifteen years A Vital Reality”, commemorating the fifteenth birthday of network broadcasting. The title page has a white ribbon with gold letters “NEW MEXICO” with an American flag next to it. Below the ribbon is hand lettered in blue pencil, “New Mexico Federation of Women’s Clubs”. Below this is a magazine cutout of a picture of the American flag with the Pledge of Allegiance printed below the flag and the words “The flag of our Union forever” across the bottom of the cutout. In the lower right hand corner of the title page is a nametag with a costumed woman design with Mrs. R.M. Goddard handwritten on it.

Following this are several postcards from Washington, D.C., and newspaper articles about the conference in Denver (1942). Also included are correspondences (dated 1941) with various publishers concerning inclusion of Mrs. Goddard in the “Who’s Who in New Mexico”, “Principal Women of America”, “Woman’s Who’s Who”, “Who’s Who Among Women”, and “Who’s Who in the South and Southwest”; a thank-you note from Mrs. LaFell Dickinson for Mrs. Goddard’s part in her diamond wristwatch; and a thank you note from Mrs. J.L. Blair Buck for service to the federation. These are attached with a paperclip to the page with newspaper clippings announcing inclusion of women from New Mexico in these publications. In addition, there is a clipping announcing Mrs. Goddard’s inclusion on a New York World’s Fair committee.

Following this are several pages concerning Mrs. Goddard’s visit to Washington, D.C., in 1938 for board meetings of the Federation of Women’s Clubs. Souvenirs, postcards, senate chamber cards and other paraphernalia are included. Loosely placed between pages is a black and white brochure entitled “National Capital Parks, Washington D.C.” Attached is the agenda from the “General Federation of Women’s Clubs Meeting of the Board of Directors, January 13, 14, 15, 1938. There are also agendas for 1939, 1940 and 1941 along with more postcards of Washington, D.C. Included are several articles about the coming war and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The annual meeting of the New Mexico Federation of Women’s Clubs in Las Vegas, N.M., 1940, occupies the next several pages and includes newspaper articles, programs, name tags and other souvenirs. The Kansas Federation of Women’s Clubs April 2, 3, 4, 1940, meeting is represented in the next few pages. Following this are several pictures and souvenirs from the Golden Gate International Exposition, 1939, and the meeting of the Western Federation of Women’s Clubs, Council Committee, May 8-13, 1939. The 1940 Council Meeting of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs took place in Milwaukee and there are several clippings and souvenirs from this. Interspersed with the Milwaukee items are items from the New York World’s Fair, 1939.

The New York Board meeting, 1944, materials include pictures of New York, pictures of newly elected president, Mrs. LaFell Dickinson, the minutes of the meeting, October 14-16, 1944. These are followed with postcards of churches in New York City and an article entitled “The Cathedral Age: Christ Church Mosaics” by Dr. Octavia W. Goodbar. Following this is a headline from the New York Tribune Election Extra concerning Roosevelt and Dewey and the count of votes, dated November 8, 1944. Various other articles concerning Roosevelt and Dewey are included as well as articles about servicemen and the country’s affairs.

Loosely placed inside the back cover is a folded, colored picture entitled, “Panorama of New York World’s Fair, 1939”, with buildings labeled and indexed. Attached to the back cover is a picture and label of “Hotel Texas, Fort Worth”. Below this is the program for the General Federation of Women’s Clubs Fifty-first Annual Meeting, Fort Worth, Texas, April 27-May 2, 1942. Alongside the program are attached small photos of the Ruidoso Race Track and an oil well near Hobbs.

Scrapbook 2

Outside cover is black with gold-embossed corner designs and a center raised design with the title “SCRAP BOOK” below. It is loose pages inside the hard cover bound with a black cord. Pages are very fragile and yellowed. Material in this scrapbook is dated 1941 and centers mostly upon the annual conventions and Mrs. Goddard’s personal travels following the conferences.

Inside front cover is a card with a picture of a flag that has writing on it: ‘It’s your flag and my flag”. The title page includes a small Zia symbol in the upper left-hand corner and in the upper right-hand corner, a small black and white picture of a sunrise design with the lettering: “And the desert shall bloom as a rose”. The book is entitled “New Mexico Federation of Womens Clubs”, handwritten in blue pencil. Below the title is an oval picture of Mrs. R.W. Goddard labeled with her name and “President and Director of the New Mexico Federation of Women’s Clubs from the Fall of 1937 to the Spring of 1941”. Pressed into the spine is one of Mrs. Goddard’s conference name tags.

Adhered to the pages are the various announcements and newspaper articles concerning the annual conference of the New Mexico Federation of Women’s Clubs, Carlsbad, March 27, 28, and 29, 1941. In addition, information and paraphernalia concerning the Golden Jubilee Celebration (Fiftieth Annual Meeting) of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs in Atlantic City, New Jersey. According to one handwritten entry next to pictures of pendants, Frances M. Goddard was selected as Pioneer Club Woman for State College Progress Club.

Following the Golden Jubilee Celebration, Mrs. Goddard spent several weeks traveling throughout New England and the eastern coast. Along with the various articles concerning the conference, there are articles addressing where she is visiting during her travels following the conference in 1941. The various paraphernalia included are:

conference and performance programs and ticket stubs postcards depicting locations where meetings/conferences were held as well as places where Mrs. Goddard visited during her travels. restaurant menus and placemats church service bulletins

Inside the back cover, loosely placed, is the sheet music to the Golden Jubilee Celebration song. Attached to the back cover is a program for a midsummer exhibition at the Currier Gallery of Art, July 7 through September 28, 1941. Paper clipped to the front of this program is a blue and white brochure entitled “Highlights of the Nation’s Capital”. Also attached to the back cover is a brochure from Stratford Hall, Westmoreland County, Virginia; a birth announcement for a baby girl; a postcard of a covered bridge in West Brattleboro, VT; and a card stating “At Home after February the seventeenth, the Governor Sheherd Apartments, 2121 Virginia Avenue, N.W., Washington. D.C.” Handwritten below the print is “Lt. Col. George (Fox?) Mott and wife.

Scrapbook 3

Outside cover is brown raised designs around the edges and gold letters in the center, “SCRAP BOOK. It is loose pages inside the hard cover bound with a golden brown cord. Pages are very fragile and yellowed. Material in this scrapbook is dated primarily from 1947 to 1950, although there are occasional items from previous years interspersed.

The majority of the material in this scrapbook is postcards from various locations throughout the United States. There are occasional entries of newspaper articles relating to different chapters of the Federation of Women’s Clubs meetings and officer elections interspersed throughout. There are also a few name tags and ribbons from conferences with Mrs. R.W. Goddard’s name on them, but not necessarily adjacent to the newspaper articles about the organization. There are also church bulletins; pictures and brochures from hotels, galleries and trains; programs from theatrical and other types of performances; informal pictures of, and Christmas cards from, people Mrs. Goddard may have visited during her travels.

Inside the back cover is loosely placed a pamphlet on United States Savings Bonds entitled, “The Land of the Free”. Also loosely placed inside the cover is a page from the Saturday Evening Post, dated March 14, 1942. On one side is part of a short story called “Man Power” by Gene Henry. On the other side is the beginning of a news story entitled, “Regimental Doctor”, by Lieut. Temple Fielding. Adhered to the inside of the back cover is a picture of cherry blossoms in Washington D.C. with the Jefferson Memorial in the back ground. In the upper left-hand corner of the picture is a title, “Traveler” in red ink with the words “THE HIGHWAY” in black ink superimposed over it.

Wooden-Covered Scrapbook

Leather thong-bound scrapbook with carved wooden cover with rustic scene of log cabin among large trees. Cover held on with leather straps and metal brads (brads have come loose on front cover binding)

Inside front cover is a postcard of a yucca in bloom with a verse attributed to Lois Mayer. Title page has hand written:“Presented to Mrs. R. W. Goddard, President New Mexico Federation of Women’s Clubs by The Woman’s Clubs of Mountainair, New Mexico. November 29, 1940”. Below this is handwritten “Shiprock, New Mexico” over a postcard depicting Shiprock, NM.

Next are decorative pictures, one of a native painting pottery and the other a stylized picture of a Mexican on a donkey. Following this are various articles about Mrs. R. W. Goddard traveling throughout the state and visiting several women’s clubs members, and attending or speaking at women’s club, as well as other organizational meetings. Interspersed with these articles are postcards and other decorative drawings and pictures, as well as Mrs. Goddard’s conference name tags. Included is also a program for a pageant, entitled “Cavewoman to Clubwoman”, presented on February 9, 1940, by Woman’s Civic Club of Hobbs, New Mexico, at the “Birthday Party Celebrating the General Federated Womans Clubs’ Golden Jubilee.

A retrospective article dated (handwritten) Feb. 24 1940, refers to early projects of the Woman’s Club formed in 1903. Among these are the Girls’ Welfare home, the Christina Kent Nursery and the New Mexico Industrial School at Springer.

The Progress Club makes its debut in the articles about the 1940 Woman’s Club with one entitled “Progress Club to Celebrate Brilliant Record of First Year”. There is a program of the First Anniversary meeting, February 1940-1941. Mrs. Carl Whitaker was the charter president of the club, which is affiliated with the American Federation of Women’s Clubs. One of the achievements was doubling its membership from the first meeting to the second.

Subsequent articles provide announcements of meetings throughout the years. One dated 1947 refers to the convention on April 17, 18, and 19 of that year and Mrs. LaFell (L’Fell?) Dickinson, national president and keynote speaker.

Handwritten notes and invitations are included for breakfasts and teas.There is a picture and article entitled, “The Legend of Shiprock”, followed by a picture with the caption “ ‘The Giant Dome’ Carlsbad Caverns National Park”. Following this is a picture of Mrs. J.W. Lewis, Third District President. Articles announcing Las Vivamentes, a new Junior Woman’s Club in Las Cruces, the next Federation meeting in 1941 and a picture of Roswell Womans Club Winning Float featuring a theme of “Pioneer Woman” attached to the back cover round out the book.


  • 1937 - 1941


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Collection consists of five scrapbooks, three with hardboard covers and two with wooden covers, concerning the Federation of Women’s Clubs and Frances M. Goddard, President and Director of the New Mexico Federation of Women’s Clubs, 1937-1941.
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