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Interview with Gertrude G. Dodds,, November, 10, 1986.

 Item — Box: 1, CD: 1-2
Scope and Contents Mrs. Dodds tells Schackel about her early life. Dodds taught for 5 years before marrying. Then Dodds recounts her 12 year career in the Welfare Department beginning in 1949. Dodds was also active in the Aging Commission in 1965.
Dates: November, 10, 1986.

Interview with Juanita Franks,, November 7, 1986.

 Item — Box: 1, CD: 3
Scope and Contents Franks tells of her work as co-director and caseworker in the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) during the Depression. She also tells of her work later for the Welfare Dpartment and the Red Cross.
Dates: November 7, 1986.

Interview with Carmen Fruedenthal,, November 9, 1986.

 Item — Box: 1, CD: 4
Scope and Contents Fruedenthal recalls her education and career. She graduated from Smith College in 1920 and moved to New Mexico in 1932. She was active in welfare work and the Red Cross.
Dates: November 9, 1986.

Interview with Alice Hoge,, August 21, 1986.

 Item — Box: 1, CD: 5
Scope and Contents Hoge remembers her work as a nurse in Albuquerque. She attended nursing school in El Paso in 1937 and moved to New Mexico after graduating. Her mother worked for the Welfare Department and wrote a book on it.
Dates: August 21, 1986.

Interview with Nan Kauffman,, November 7, 1986.

 Item — Box: 1, CD: 6
Scope and Contents Kauffman discusses her life in Silver City. She owned and managed her own insurance business. Kauffman also was a founding member of the Women's Club in 1916 and was treasurer of the Board of Directors of the Hospital.
Dates: November 7, 1986.

Interview with Concha Ortiz y Pino de Kleven, August 19, 1987., August 19, 1987.

 Item — Box: 1, CD: 7
Scope and Contents Ortiz y Pino de Kleven discusses her memories of women's place in the mostly Spanish-American village of Galisteo where she grew up. She remembers her grandmother's involvement in politics. She describes her work for the Welfare Department and details her work in the Democratic Party. She ran for the legislature in 1932.
Dates: August 19, 1987.

Interview with Lorraine Lavender,, September 1985.

 Item — Box: 1, CD: 8
Scope and Contents Lavender reminisces about ranching. She attended Stanford and moved back and forth between California and New Mexico. Lavender homesteaded during the Depression. She started the League of Women Voters in Santa Fe.
Dates: September 1985.

Interview with Domecinda Lixier,, September 4, 1986.

 Item — Box: 1, CD: 9
Scope and Contents Lixier talks about her work as a home visitor during the Depression. She worked for the Federal Emergency Relief Administration, the Works Progress Administration, and the Welfare Department. She transferred from Clayton to Albuquerque in 1938 and worked in Martineztown, San Jose, and South Broadway.
Dates: September 4, 1986.

Interview with Xenobia McMurray,, October 8, 1986.

 Item — Box: 1, CD: 10
Scope and Contents McMurray tells of founding and organizing the Eureka Matrons, one of the first black women's clubs in Albuquerque. She was also southwest regional president of the Colored Women's Club and active in the Modern Mothers' Club.
Dates: October 8, 1986.

Interview with Faith Meem,, September 16, 1986.

 Item — Box: 1, CD: 11
Scope and Contents Meem tells a little of her history. The main part of the interview focuses on her work in founding the Santa Fe Maternal Health Center in the 1930s. The Maternal Health Center provided birth control and infant and maternal health services to the poor in Santa Fe. Meem also talks about her colleagues who helped start the clinic.
Dates: September 16, 1986.

Interview with Florence Napoleon,, September 25, 1986.

 Item — Box: 1, CD: 15
Scope and Contents Napoleon recounts her role in helping found the Winona Art and Study Club in Albuquerque. The club primarily studied the historical achievements of African-Americans. Napoleon was also involved in the Eureka Matrons and the Home Circle Club.
Dates: September 25, 1986.

Interview with Ruby Ruyle,, July 14, 1987.

 Item — Box: 1, CD: 16
Scope and Contents Ruyle speaks of her experiences homesteading with her husband in Catron County in the 1930s. The Ruyle also ran a store, service station and post office, where she as postmistress. She recounts her memories of the Depression.
Dates: July 14, 1987.

Interview with K. Rose Wood,, August 6, 1987.

 Item — Box: 1, CD: 21
Scope and Contents Wood recounts her work in the Federal Emergency Relief Administration and hercareer as a social services director in the Department of Public Welfare after 1936.
Dates: August 6, 1987.

Tape logs or transcripts for each of 19 interviews., 1986-1987

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 1
Scope and Content From the Collection: This collection contains 17 oral history interviews on 21 audio cassette tapes. In addition, there are 19 detailed tape logs, one for each of the recorded interviews and 2 additional transcripts for interviews that do not have audio tapes.The interviews in this collection were undertaken as research for Sandra Schackel's dissertation. Schackel interviewed New Mexico women involved in public health, New Deal welfare programs, and politics during the 1930s and 1940s. The interviews...
Dates: 1986-1987

Interview with Susie Clawson,, June 1, 1987.

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 1
Scope and Contents Clawson was 89 years old at the time of the interview and not able to talk, so Schackel spoke to her daughter Wilmurth Clawson Payne instead. The interview focused on Susie Clawson and her mother-in- law Minnie Clawson and their activities as nurse-midwives during the 1920s and 1930s. She also answered questions about the Works Progress Administration and home extension projects during the Depression.
Dates: June 1, 1987.

Interview with Amalia Sanchez,, September 8, 1986.

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 1
Scope and Contents Sanchez recalls her activities in the Catholic Church women's organizations and also the Santa Fe Women's Club.
Dates: September 8, 1986.

Interview with Anita (Gonzalez) Thomas,, August 28, 1986.

 Item — Box: 1, CD: 17
Scope and Contents Thomas recounts her memories of women's suffrage and her family's participation in politics. She also speaks about women's volunteer work in the Hispanic community. Most Hispanic women worked in altar societies or belonged to the Ladies Sodality Society for single women. Thomas recalls the Depression and the Works Progress Administration. She also speaks of other women's organizations like the Santa Fe Maternal Health Center.
Dates: August 28, 1986.

Interview with Esther Van Pelt,, May 18, 1987.

 Item — Box: 1, CD: 18
Scope and Contents Van Pelt and her husband practiced medicine in Willard, New Mexico from 1936-1940. They both earned degrees in osteopathy. Van Pelt describes their ranch practice. They provided medical services for ranchers and rural people. Van Pelt tells mostly about delivering babies and her experiences as a woman obstetrician.
Dates: May 18, 1987.

Interview with Mela Viucich,, May 27, 1986.

 Item — Box: 1, CD: 19
Scope and Contents Viucich tells of her work as a welfare director. She began her career in Raton in 1935 for FERA during the Depression. She transferred to Santa Fe in 1945 as Director of the County Welfare Department. Sheworked closely with municipal organizations to help people in need. Viucich also belonged to the Quota Club, the Pilot Club, and various Santa Fe business women's organizations.
Dates: May 27, 1986.

Interview with Laura Webb,, October 10, 1986.

 Item — Box: 1, CD: 20
Scope and Contents Webb discusses her membership in the Home Circle Club, a black women's organization designed for the self improvement of young married women. Webb describes the club's activities in the 1920s. The Home Circle Club held baby contests, raffles, teas and other fundraisers. The club also more directly helped the community.
Dates: October 10, 1986.

Interview with Ena Walters Mitchell,, November 8, & 14 1986.

 Item — Box: 1, CD: 12-13
Scope and Contents Mitchell tells of her work during the Depression for the Red Cross. She also recounts her work as a county welfare director in Hidalgo County during the 1940s and 1950s.
Dates: November 8, & 14 1986.