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Air Cobra I, 1942

 Item — Box: 1, DVD: 1
Scope and Contents A documentary about a plane manufactured during World War II called Cobra. Spanish
Dates: 1942

Argentina Primer, A talk by Julian Bryan, 1942

 Item — Box: 1, DVD: 2
Scope and Contents The cultural and historical background of Argentina. Discusses Argentina's attempt to be an industrial country. B/W, English
Dates: 1942

Barragem de Três Marias

 Item — Box: 1, DVD: 3
Scope and Contents Trê Marias dam in Brazil. Color, Portuguese

Fotografia: Helio Silva, Editor: Italo Dibello, Supevisaro: Nelson Pereira, Narragao: I. de Macedo Soaris
Dates: 1942-1950s

Brazilian Quartz Goes to War, n.d.

 Item — Box: 1, DVD: 4
Scope and Contents Shows the mining of quartz and its functions in the manufacture of radio equipment. Follows the process from the extraction of quartz in the Brazilian mines, its transformation and use in the radio communications industry. B/W, English, Brazil
Dates: n.d.

Child Health Care Conference, 1943

 Item — Box: 1, DVD: 5
Scope and Contents Los Centros de Higiene Infantil. Documentary about a child health care center offering orientation and information to parents in how to care for their children. Spanish, Maryland
Dates: 1943

Mayan Mexico: A Line from Yucatan, n.d

 Item — Box: 1, DVD: 6
Scope and Contents Shows planters in Mexico's famed peninsula and their attempts to industrialize the country using sisal hemp. English, Mexico
Dates: n.d

Noticiero No. 4: Barrio Chorreras, n.d.

 Item — Box: 1, DVD: 7
Scope and Contents Depicts the cooperative efforts of an agricultural community to build a road and a school. It is a documentary. Spanish, Puerto Rico
Dates: n.d.

Noticiero No. 1: Comedores Escolares: Caguas, Lajas, Hatillo, n.d.

 Item — Box: 1, DVD: 8
Scope and Contents Gives steps taken to improve education in regions which are rather impoverished. Improvements in the physical structures of school as well as the creation of new lunch programs. In Spanish
Dates: n.d.

Noticiero No. 3: Peces, Beisbol, Parada, n.d.

 Item — Box: 1, DVD: 9
Scope and Contents Dept. de Instruccion Publica, Div. de Educacion de la Comunidad, property of the Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico, Spanish
Dates: n.d.

Spanish Influences in the United States, 1948

 Item — Box: 1, DVD: 10
Scope and Contents Discusses the influence of the Spaniards on the U.S. culture in architecture, language, agricuture, and ranching. color, English
Dates: 1948

Southern Brazil, 1945

 Item — Box: 1, DVD: 11
Scope and Contents Brazil's march of progress as exemplified in its southern-most area, the states of Parana, Santa Catarina, and Rio Grande do Sul. Here is Brazil's great cattle raising county, and here also is its granary. Focus on agriculture, transportation, habitats, religion and architecture. B/W, English, Brazil
Dates: 1945

This is Ecuador, 1942

 Item — Box: 1, DVD: 12
Scope and Contents A film stressing the strategic importance of the Galapagos Islands on Ecuador. We see the contrast of the old and the new in the modern hotels in Guayaquil and the life of the Indians in the primitive rural sections of the country. English, Ecuador
Dates: 1942

Venezuela Moves Ahead, n.d.

 Item — Box: 1, DVD: 13
Scope and Contents Analyzes Venezuela from economic, historical and geographical viewpoints. Film uses animated maps. English

Julian Bryan, producer
Dates: n.d.

Guatemala, n.d.

 Item — Box: 1, DVD: 14
Scope and Contents Guatemala City, architecture, marketplace, pottery making, coffee, weaving. English, Color
Dates: n.d.

Yucatan, n.d.

 Item — Box: 1, DVD: 15
Scope and Contents In a film visit Yucatan, Mexico's eastern province, we see remains of the early Mayan civilization. Of special interest are ruins showing their early architecture. English, Mexico
Dates: n.d.