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New Mexico Museum of Art



The mission of the archives is to tell the story of the New Mexico Museum of Art from its inception as the art gallery of the Museum of New Mexico to the present. Our goal is to organize, preserve and make accessible information that documents the museum’s cultural legacy for staff and the public.

The archives contain organizational records and manuscript collections created by or donated to the New Mexico Museum of Art that document how the museum came to be, what it has done and how it has impacted the community. These materials provide information about the museum’s history of exhibitions, architecture, and community engagement since the establishment of the Museum of New Mexico in 1909. It includes the non-current records of the museum preserved because of their continuing institutional value as well as materials about professionals who worked with the museum such as artists, gallery owners, critics and scholars.

107 West Palace Avenue
Santa Fe NM 87501 USA

What's in this Repository?