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Boudoir photographs

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus

Found in 44 Collections and/or Records:

2 boudoir photographs of New Mexico ca. 1885 by J. C. Burge

Identifier: HP.1981.32-MNM.1981.055-MNM.PA.603

4 boudoir cards of New Mexico and 1 photo of Arizona cave dwellings

Identifier: HP.1988.43-MNM.PA.1988.361-MNM.PA.1077

4 photographs by Harry Lucas and Lucas and Fryett

Identifier: HP.1981.64-MNM.1981.101-MNM.PA.633
Dates: ca. 1882-1893

4 photos and 1 boudoir card of the West

Identifier: HP.1989.08-MNM.PA.1989.035-MNM.PA.1116

6 boudoir photographs by F. Jay Haynes of Yellowstone and Minnesota

Identifier: HP.1981.33-MNM.1981.056-MNM.PA.602
Dates: ca. 1876-1921?

6 boudoir photographs of Las Vegas, NM ca. 1878-1880 by James N. Furlong

Identifier: HP.1981.09-MNM.1981.014-MNM.PA.581
Dates: 1878-1880

7 boudoir photos of primarily Santa Fe by C.G. Kaadt

Identifier: HP.1989.55-MNM.PA.1989.376-MNM.PA.1166
Dates: ca. 1885-1905

9 boudoir card photographs of Western scenes by F. Jay Haynes

Identifier: HP.1981.28-MNM.1981.050-MNM.PA.601
Dates: ca. 1876-1921

Alfred J. Allen: boudoir card of Las Vegas Hot Springs, NM ca. 1880s

Identifier: HP.1988.47-MNM.GA.1988.289.01
Dates: ca. 1880s

Andrew Smith, Inc.: Boudoir Cards by E.A. Bonine

Identifier: HP.1983.58-MNM.1983.078-MNM.PA.745

Astrid B. Liden: Kearney Field Desk

Identifier: HP.1990.12-MNM.1988.228.19-NMHM.1988.228.19
Dates: 1890; 1896

Bill Lee: Stereoviews and Boudoir Cards of Southwestern Views

Identifier: HP.1994.13-MNM.1994.169-MNM.PA.1280
Dates: Montezuma Club Boudoir Card dated 1885

Boudoir Card, Montezuma Hotel near Las Vegas, N.M. (still under construction), ca 1885

Identifier: HP.1979.13-MNM.1979.019-MNM.GA.2171-Hp

Boudoir photo of Wounded Knee, SD, 1891

Identifier: HP.1980.34-MNM.1980.098-MNM.PA.565

Gary Landi/Arizona!: Stereoviews, and Boudoirs of New Mexico Views

Identifier: HP.1990.56.A-MNM.1990.287-MNM.PA.1201

George Polakoff: Boudoir Cards of Western Views

Identifier: HP.1991.41-MNM.1991.248-MNM.PA.MNMF.02330
Dates: 1880 - 1895