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Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 85 Collections and/or Records:

32 stereoviews and a boudoir card, most of New Mexico, 1860s-1890s

Identifier: HP.1989.26-MNM.PA.1989.401
Dates: ca. 1860s-1890s

38 stereoviews of the Americas, the Philippines, India, and Spain

Identifier: HP.1989.25-MNM.PA.1989.114-MNM.PA.1137
Dates: ca. 1860-1920

39 stereos of Mexico ca. 1860-1890

Identifier: HP.1988.69-MNM.PA.1988.311-MNM.PA.1093
Dates: ca. 1860-1890

Bill Lee: Stereoviews and Boudoir Cards of Southwestern Views

Identifier: HP.1994.13-MNM.1994.169-MNM.PA.1280
Dates: Montezuma Club Boudoir Card dated 1885

Boudoir card and Stereoview of scenes in Colorado

Identifier: HP.1995.02-MNM.1995.400
Dates: ca. 1881-1900

Cohen: Stereoviews of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and St. Francis Cathedral

Identifier: HP.1982.49-MNM.1982.068-MNM.PA.680
Dates: 1867; 1880 - 1882

Edward J. Cohen: Stereoviews of Lima, Peru by Courret, and Bridgeport, Connecticut by Wilson

Identifier: HP.1983.59-MNM.1983.080-MNM.PA.744
Dates: 1870 - 1880

Edward J. Cohen: Stereoviews of New Mexico Views by George C. Bennett

Identifier: HP.1991.16-MNM.1991.099-MNM.PA.MNMF.02291

G. Ben Wittick stereoviews of New Mexico and Arizona

Identifier: HP.2002.13-NMHM.2002.31
Dates: ca. 1878 - 1890

Gary Landi/Arizona!: Stereoviews, Postcards of New Mexico Views

Identifier: HP.1991.75-MNM.1992.275-MNM.PA.1240

George Polakoff: Stereoviews and Boudoirs of Colorado Views

Identifier: HP.1991.62-MNM.1991.268-MNM.PA.1239

George Polakoff: Stereoviews of Texas, and Boudoirs of Colorado

Identifier: HP.1991.67-MNM.1992.265-MNM.PA.1243

Glass positive stereoviews, various subjects

Identifier: HP.1997.31-MNM.1997.548.04
Dates: ca. 1930s

Graphic Antiquity: Stereoviews of the U.S.

Identifier: HP.1976.31-MNM.1976.38-MNM.PA.220-MNM.PA.231
Dates: 1860 - 1900

Guy Berry: sheet music and slides related to Santa Fe Song and other photographs

Identifier: HP.1979.44-NMHM.1979.022-MNM.1979.022-MNM.PA.516
Dates: ca. 1900-1949

Jody Ellis: stereos, souvenir photo packets, photo booklets, photos

Identifier: HP.1981.63-MNM.1981.100-MNM.GA.2623-Hp

Julian Wolff: Stereoviews of Utah, Colorado, Iowa

Identifier: HP.1991.76-MNM.1992.278-MNM.PA.1244

La Galeria de los Artesanos: Stereoviews of Roosevelt and his Rough Riders, and a Book

Identifier: HP.1982.48-MNM.1982.046-MNM.PA.673
Dates: 1898; 1913

Margolis & Moss: Stereoviews of Florida, California and Other Views, and Hand-Colored Photographs of the Philippine Islands

Identifier: HP.1994.14-MNM.1994.180
Dates: Stereo of Yosemite dated 1895; Philippine Islands dated 1901