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Colorado -- Photographs

Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 37 Collections and/or Records:

1 cabinet card photo and 10 stereoviews, primarily of Colorado

Identifier: HP.1988.08-MNM.PA.1988.047-MNM.PA.1045

1 photograph and 2 stereoviews of the Southwest

Identifier: HP.1988.64-MNM.PA.1988.359-MNM.PA.1099

3 photos of Utah and Colorado

Identifier: HP.1989.36-MNM.PA.1989.379-MNM.PA.1147

4 photos and 1 boudoir card of the West

Identifier: HP.1989.08-MNM.PA.1989.035-MNM.PA.1116

5 photos of New Mexico and Colorado

Identifier: HP.1988.57-MNM.PA.1988.353-MNM.PA.1096

6 photographs of Southwestern USA and New York

Identifier: HP.1979.16-MNM.1979.043-MNM.PA.501

6 photos of New Mexico and Colorado ca. 1890

Identifier: HP.1988.46-MNM.PA.1988.360-MNM.PA.1078

7 stereos of Western views and album of photos of Egypt

Identifier: HP.1988.29-MNM.PA.1988.210-MNM.PA.1046

8 Southwestern photographs by John H. Bliss, ca. 1930s

Identifier: HP.1988.07-MNM.GA.1988.042.08
Dates: ca. 1930s

9 stereoviews of Colorado. most by B. H. Gurnsey

Identifier: HP.1988.52-MNM.PA.1988.348-MNM.PA.1087
Dates: ca. 1850-1930

11 film negatives of New Mexico and Colorado views

Identifier: HP.1994.43-MNM.1994.466.11

14 stereos of Western views and Mexico

Identifier: HP.1989.13-MNM.PA.1989.064-MNM.PA.1118
Dates: ca. 1860-1920

28 Stereoviews of Colorado and Yellowstone National Park and 1 photo

Identifier: HP.1976.17-MNM.1976.12-MNM.PA.211
Dates: ca.1860-1920?

64 Witter Bynner negatives of the Southwest and California

Identifier: HP.1981.16-MNM.1981.035-MNM.PA.594

Album of James R. Riddle photographs of New Mexico and Colorado

Identifier: HP.1977.33-MNM.1977.069-MNM.GA.1856-Hp

Boudoir card and Stereoview of scenes in Colorado

Identifier: HP.1995.02-MNM.1995.400
Dates: ca. 1881-1900

Boudoir Cards, Scenes of Colorado

Identifier: HP.1994.37-MNM.1994.336
Dates: ca. 1874-1901

George Polakoff: Boudoir Cards of Western Views

Identifier: HP.1991.41-MNM.1991.248-MNM.PA.MNMF.02330
Dates: 1880 - 1895

George Polakoff: Stereoviews and Boudoirs of Colorado Views

Identifier: HP.1991.62-MNM.1991.268-MNM.PA.1239

George Polakoff: Stereoviews of Texas, and Boudoirs of Colorado

Identifier: HP.1991.67-MNM.1992.265-MNM.PA.1243

Glass Negatives of Leadville, Colorado

Identifier: HP.1995.15-MNM.1995.499.08