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E. A. Graves to Gov. David Merriwether, Don Fernando de Taos, NM, August 22, 1853

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Scope and Contents Graves informs Meriwether of an attack by a group of Utah Indians on a group of Mexicans who were hunting. The Utahs stole 5 or 6 of their horses and killed as many more. Allegedly, the Utahs intended to capture the Mexicans, however, the Mexicans fled. Graves opines that this type of action will continue until the Indians are “made to feel and know the power of the government which can be done only by the military authorities."
Dates: August 22, 1853

List of property received at Abiquiu, NM by E. A. Graves, August 24, 1853

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Scope and Contents List includes oxen, plough, yoke, chains, knives, saw, saddles, guns, saddle blankets, skillet, bucket, cups, plates, coffee makers, pots, pans, cups, etc. All used in the public service.
Dates: August 24, 1853

E. A. Graves to Gov. Merriwether, Albiquieu, N.M., August 25, 1853

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Scope and Contents Graves seeks advice on the case of a Mexican boy taken prisoner by the Utahs, and sold to the brother of a Navajo chief. The chief purchased the boy and owned him until he ran off with a horse, saddle, bridle and lariat. The question is who the horse rightfully belongs to, and what the repercussions of any decision will lead to.
Dates: August 25, 1853

E. A. Graves to Gov. Merriwether, Albiquieu, NM, August 27 1853

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Scope and Contents Graves relays the story told to him by the father of Jesus Maria Suaso, allegedly killed by the Utahs at El Rincon del Rio de las Animas, 200-250 miles from Abiquiu. Graves expresses doubts that it was the Utahs, but possibly the Mexican companions (from Abiquiu) who killed the boy.
Dates: August 27 1853

Report of E. A. Graves, agent, Albiqueu on Agency, New Mexico, August 31, 1853

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Scope and Contents Graves’ first annual report to Gov. Meriwether with observations and suggestions regarding the state of Indian affairs in New Mexico territory. He speaks in some detail about the Utahs and northern Jicarilla Apaches. He discusses the failure of Indian policy in New Mexico, both morally and legally, to provide safety to its citizens against Indian depredations. He also speaks about the expense of feeding, clothing, and distributing gifts to the Indians. He purports that the only effective way to...
Dates: August 31, 1853

E.A. Graves to Governor Merriwether, Santa Fe, August 31, 1853

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Scope and Contents Graves comments and gives his ideas on Indian policy and problems. (Possible an initial draft of the report detailed above.)
Dates: August 31, 1853

Note from Graves to Meriwether submitting invoices for a mule, Albiquieu, N. Mex, Sept. 8th 1853

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Scope and Content From the Collection: The collection consists of correspondence from E. A. Graves, Indian Agent, to David Meriwether, Governor and Superintendent of Indian Affairs for New Mexico Territory, Most letters inform Meriwether of situations with the Utahs, Navajos, or Apaches, seeking advice or action on the part of Meriwether. Incidents generally relate to Indian depredations and questions of property ownership. Graves’ first annual report to Gov. Meriwether includes observations and suggestions regarding the state of...
Dates: Sept. 8th 1853

E. A. Graves to Gov. Merriwether, Apache Agency Albiquieu, N. Mex, September 8, 1853

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Scope and Contents Regarding horses stolen by the Navajos from the Jicarilla Apaches. This issue was a holdover from former Superintendent of Indian Affairs, Michael Steck who demanded that the Navajo return the animals to Agent Dodge, and Steck would see that they were returned to the Apaches, if the Apaches would stay on their farms and work. The Apaches complied, and now Graves is requesting that Meriwether authorize Dodge to release the animals and that Meriwether make arrangements for the animals’ return to...
Dates: September 8, 1853

Follow up on Graves’ letter of September 8, Chamita, N. Mex, September 13, 1853

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Scope and Contents Regarding horses stolen from the Apaches by the Navajo, and returned to Agent Dodge. The Apaches are pressuring Graves to have them returned and honor the agreement Agent Steck had made with them. Graves asks Merriwether to deal with it. Graves also amends his original statement, saying that one of the animals (mule) returned by the Navajo actually belongs to the government
Dates: September 13, 1853

Graves to Charles Beaubien, Chamita, N.M., September 13th 1853

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Scope and Contents -Graves asks Beaubien to call on Jesus M. Lucero and his guardian in Taos, and ask them to deliver to him (Beaubien) a horse taken from Navajo country. He further asks Beaubien to send the horse to the Governor in Santa Fe. Graves says that if he remains Indian Agent for more than another month, he plans to move his Agency to Taos and “take up quarters" with Beaubien.
Dates: September 13th 1853

Charles Beaubien to E. A. Graves, Don Fernando de Taos -, September 16th, 1853

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Scope and Contents Acknowledging receipt of Graves’ letter, Beaubien went to see Lucero and Lucero agreed to return the horse as soon as arrangements were made for the horse to be sent to Santa Fe. Beaubien relays news that the Utahs have stolen all the government animals on the Ocaté and Lt. Ransom was heading out in pursuit.
Dates: September 16th, 1853

Graves to Meriwether, Utah and Apache Agencies Albuquieu NM, Sept 19th, 1853

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Identifier: 12
Scope and Contents A continuation of the stolen horse saga, and commentary that it was probably the Mescalero who stole the government animals belonging to Fort Union (from the Ocaté).
Dates: Sept 19th, 1853

Graves to Meriwether, Utah and Apache Agencies Don Fernando de Taos N.M, November 25, 1853

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Identifier: 13
Scope and Contents Graves deliberates and discusses a land dispute between the New Mexicans and the Utahs, concerning fertile lands watered by the Rio Conejos. The Utahs cite that the lands are theirs because of general occupancy and continued and uninterrupted occupation. The New Mexcians cite the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
Dates: November 25, 1853

Graves to Meriwether, Utah and Apache Agencies Don Fernando de Taos N.M., December 23rd 1853

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Identifier: 14
Scope and Contents Graves informs Meriwether that a hunting group from Taos Pueblo was fired upon by the Arapahoe while camped on the Uña de Gato on their return from a hunting trip. One of the party was killed. Taos Pueblo war captain, Estevan Leon Bernal is seeking redress. After philosophizing about the laws of nature and rights of people to use force for certain legitimate reasons, Graves leaves the matter to Meriwether’s superior judgment.
Dates: December 23rd 1853