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Southwest and New Mexico, mixed negatives and prints, 1899 - 1946

 Series — Box: 1

Scope and Contents

  1. Hewett: copy prints Southwest rock art: Utah-Colorado ? 1906 Lost Canyon 1907 SE Utah 85 photographs. Most have numbers, some don’t; numbers range from 88604 to 88693 but are non-inclusive. One negative transferred from Box 1 to Box 2 of 6
  2. Hewett collection Portrait photograph No. 26076, Persaus Known or Henderson? Handwriting of person’s name is difficult to read
  3. Hewett collection, contains several smaller folders Envelope. 1: Photographs Hopkins-Hewett family and ? 2 of men, unlabelled A.G. Bonney (Female) 2 women, Dooley 1 woman 1 father and child 2 young boys: Harold Dean, 7 yrs, Richard Lee 5yrs.
  4. Envelope. 2: 14 views of Casa Alvarado from Hewett Collection, 1931 14 photos and 3 maps of ground floor of Casa Alvarado on Avenida Juarez
  5. Envelope. 3: Quirigua photographs Envelope labeled US National Museum (10 prints of personal negatives of Neil Judd for article in American Anthropologist 17(1):1915.) 5 other prints with photo nos. Envelope labeled 1912: 10 photos of Quirigua, probably duplicates.
  6. Portrait of EL Hewett Back reads: Edgar L Hewett being hoisted to top of pier, Port of San Jose, July 28, 1934 No. 162167
  7. Picture of Hewett Normal School faculty 1898, Greeley, CO. No. 30977
  8. Picture of Trampas benches and mission churches No. 12236 1905?
  9. Picture of interior Mission San Jose, Laguna Pueblo No. 2871
  10. Postcard of Fray Bartolome de las Casas Sevilla, No. 159620 Bust
  11. Picture of bust Person unknown, film in file. Pres. David A. Barrows, El Palacio, No. 7017Picture of bust Person unknown, film in file. Pres. David A. Barrows, El Palacio, No. 7017
  12. Photograph Hewett 1932, No. 7352
  13. Photograph Hewett No. 7360
  14. Postcard Interior of the grand mosque. Kairouan Note on back
  15. Postcard Jardins du Palais de la Bahia, Marrakesh
  16. Group of Photographs with note saying: This stack found near Hewett material-slight chance not Hewett, but material looks similar, H.P. 96.1? acquired from SAR 1982 183Postcards and a few photos from various places in Europe and Africa, plus one book of photos
  17. Envelope : Snaps of Rita and Chavez 6 unlabelled photos Herbert Johnson, Ajijic 4 postcards
  18. Southwest Pecos, 1938 Envelope. 1: 3 negs, 3 prints Put into individual envelopes. Check negatives-might be nitrate.
  19. Envelope. 2: The Southwest, 1921, New Mexico and Arizona, Mrs. Eugene Meyer. Ca. 46 photographs Looks like one of his field trips for donors to Hopi area and a trading post
  20. Envelope. 3: Hewett’s envelope with Southwest Misc. written it. 21 photos. Looks like another field trip. One labeled Puye, another Alameda Pueblo, one Santa Ana,. Ranchos de Taos, Acoma, one in Utah in 1930
  21. Spacer labeled Shonnard Envelope. Labeled Shonnard, Eugenia, Art 4 photos of hand carved chest. Her name and address in Santa Fe on back.
  22. Spacer labeled Santa Fe Nothing with it.
  23. Spacer labeled Indian Art Envelope labeled the Coronado Congress, Indian Art, paintings 8 photographs look like illustrations in Brody’s book on Indian Art (watercolors)
  24. Spacer labeled M Envelope. 1: Southwest summer school 1928 (UNM Envelope.) 14 photos. The 1928 field school would have been in Jemez. Also one negative transferred to another envelope; does not match any of the photographs.
  25. Envelope. 2: Southwest, San Ildefonso 3 photographs 5 negatives—possibly nitrates 3 matched and placed in separate envelopes
  26. Envelope. 3: The Southwest, L. R. Paton, archaeological tour 38 Photographs, include Puye, Gran Quivira, Acoma, Isleta, Guisewa, Mesa Verde, Aztec, Pueblo Bonito. This is another summer field tour
  27. Envelope. 4: Southwest, Archaeological Tour 1925 52 Photographs, some look like Mesa Verde
  28. Envelope. 5: Santa Fe, SAR 6 photographs of SAR when in Palace in Governors
  29. Spacer labeled Santa Fe Envelope. 1: Southwest San Cristobal Ruins 5 negatives.
  30. Envelope. 2: Southwest, Jemez, 1927 (Guisewa) 5 negatives (Poss. Nitrates) 10 photographs (duplicates) Material matched and put into separate envelopes
  31. Envelope. 3: Southwest 13 Photographs: 2647 Acoma 2659 Acoma 19-6 Cerro del Pino 2652 Trip over Wolf Creek Pass 2648 Trip over Wolf Creek Pass 2551 Hots Spring San Diego Canyon Carl Taylor 2660 Acoma 2640 Navajo Desert 2613 Kent Scientific Museum Several unnumbered
  32. Loose photographs 48 Photographs: 2679 Taos 2665 Taos 2644 Navajo Desert 2651 Taos 2598 San Diego Mission, Jemez 2604 Tower Ruin 2606 Mt. Kikosko, Jemez Springs. 2567 Canyon wall 1928 2553 Unshagi 1928 2603 2643 Navajo Desert 2611 (field school) CR Fred Harvey 2653 Jemez 2580 Looking down San Juan Canyon 2621 Acoma 2655 Acoma 2661 Sheep Valle Grande 2575 Goat pen, Jemez 2607 Bee plant 2586 Ranger Charles in kiva pit 2601 2588 Looking up Mission Can. 2557 Circular and square kivas, San Ildefonso 2612 2628 Gran Quivira 2587 Mt. Redondo, seen from East Mesa above Jemez Springs. 2609 or 5 ruin seen on tower ruin trip No no or label (person) 2578 Pueblo Bonito (kiva) No no or label (person) No no or label (person) 2696 Unshagi sketching class C213 no label (excavation) 15912 (excavation) No no or label (person) No no or label (kiva) 18 no label (three people) 15912 (flowers) No no or label (person) No no or label (person) No no or label (trees) No no or label (lady)
  33. Envelope. 5: Southwest Empty
  34. Envelope. 6: Southwest 51 photos, unlabeled. Look like they are Jemez field school.
  35. Envelope. 7: Southwest Empty
  36. Loose photos 1 Negative: Navajo weavings?? 75 Photographs, various places, some with numbers and labels as follows: One labeled 1912 2541 Best dressed Indian Woman contest, Santa Fe 1928 2697 Zuni 2699 Zuni 2620 Acoma 2608 Stanley near 200 year old yellow pine on Tower Ruin site 2605 Ruin seen on Tower Ruin trip 2618 Ruin seen on trip to Tower Ruin 20-12 15912 no id (Jemez) Peckings, Rowe NM 1931 Peckings, Rowe, NM 1931 Excavations, Rowe, 1931 2591 San Diego Mission 21-6 2610 Ruin seen on Tower Ruin trip Awa Tsirah, painting 13 of Chaco or Chaco related work, several from 1920-21, some of field station and hogans, one of Bonito
  37. Spacer labeled Southwest Bundle of photos 96 Photographs (most not numbered or labeled): Include places such as Pajarito Plateau – Jemez – Coronado State Monument – Puye – Valle Grande – San Diego Museum – Aztec – artifacts – Casa Grande - Acoma
  38. Loose photos/postcards 19 total. Looks like a collection of post cards from various places including Cuzco and Oberammergau
  39. Spacer labeled Southwest Loose photos/postcards 1 negative matches photo. 20 Total. Some European, Pikes Peak. Some are stuck together.


  • 1899 - 1946

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