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Tefft: Albums of Color Photographs and Negatives, Card Catalog

Identifier: HP.1982.92-MNM.1982.101-MNM.GA.2790-Hp

Content Description

Henry D. Tefft (with HP.81.51?), albums contain proof prints and sheets with annotations, film negatives, card catalog, color material and transparencies, color negatives, & photos: Missions, Pueblos, Acoma Pueblo, Cabins at Pagoda Springs, Colorado, apartments in Colorado, Colorado views, Wupatki ruins, Arizona views, Arkansas, San Juan River, animals, Grand Canyon, flora, monuments, Saguaro, Echo Lake, Cemeteries, Zion, mountains, Rocky Mountain National Park, Chalk Cliffs, Enchanted Mesa, Rio Grande, people, Taos, New Mexico views,

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Mrs. Emily L. Tefft

Restrictions Apply



  • 1950 - 1976


6,699 items


104235-299, 104300-, 1058xx, 1048xx, 1059xx, 1060xx, 1061xx, 1072xx, 1073xx, 1074xx, 1075xx, 1108xx, 1373xx, 1374xx, 1375xx, 1376xx, 1377xx, 1378xx, 1379xx, 1380xx, 1381xx, 1382xx, 1383xx