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Young: Photographs of Arizona and Utah, carte-de-visites of Japan, and Lantern Slides of Philadelphia

Identifier: HP.1982.53-MNM.1982.056-MNM.GA.2707-Hp

Content Description

(1) cabinet photo of a young boy with fishing pole seated on rock by Lucas; (1) 6x8 collotype of Dr. Johnson's House and Statue, Lichfield by James Valentine; (32) photographs of various sizes (smallest 3 1/2x4 3/4 -- largest 16x20): Morenci, Arizona by C.W. Marks, Detroit Copper Mining Co., Hotel Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah by C.R. Savage, Giant Cactus in Fort Apache, Arizona, Germany, Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica, England, autographed Patrick Hurley (an American politician and diplomat), William Randolph Hearst addressing crowd at University of California, Berkeley; (12) carte-de-visites of Japan: Meiji August 31, 1899, actor Sodanji an Gotomatabei by Moriyama, Kamakura Buddha, Tokutaro, Kaneko Yukichi, and Yoshida Keijiro August 1, 1899, Saitama ken Chichibu-gui Minamino Nakazawa, Enoshima Cave; (11) Lantern Slides: William Jennings Bryan (an American lawyer, orator and politician), Rear Admiral George Dewey, Theodore Roosevelt, New City Hall, Philadelphia, post office and record building, Philadelphia, Broad Street Station, Philadelphia, interior Agricultural Building, Centennial Exposition, Philadelphia, Arbor of Plows, Agricultural Building, Centennial Exposition, Philadelphia

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Mr. Joseph B. Young

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  • 1899
  • 1902
  • 1904
  • 1937
  • 1960



58 items ((32) various sized photographs; (12) carte-de-visites; (11) lantern slides; (1) platinotype; (1) cabinet card; (1) collotype)