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Stereoviews of scenes around the U.S. and Cuba.

Identifier: HP.1978.16-MNM.1978.046-MNM.PA.402

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15 stereoviews by various photographers of scenes around the U.S. and Cuba, including California, Havana, Ohio, Oregon, and Montana.

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Richard Rudisill

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Access to material may be granted upon request, pending assessment of retrievability and potential restrictions. Contact the Photo Archivist to request to view original material.


  • 1880 - 1910



15 Photographic Prints


077720-077734; #5004 Glacier Point, Yosemite by Keystone (077720); #1113/v 29588 Riverside Geyser, Yellowstone by Keystone (077721); #5048 Cliff House and Seal Rocks, San Francisco by Keystone (077722); #18796 Hydraulic Mining, Oregon by Keystone (077723); #13530 Plucking the Ostrich, Pasadena by Keystone (077724); #12444 Pres. McKinley's Funeral Services, Canton, Ohio by Keystone (077725); #5125 Troops for Manila aboard City of Peking by Universal Photo Art Co. (077726); Converters at Washoe Smelter, Anaconda, Montana by N.A. Forsyth (077727); Return of the Victorious Battle Ships from Santiago - the Oregon (077728); O'Reilly Street, Havana, Cuba 1899 by Strohmeyer & Wyman (077729); Maj. Gen. Miles and Army Transports 1898 by Strohmeyer & Wyman (077730); Commodore Schley's Flagship, "Brooklyn" 1898 by J. F. Jarvis (077731); Wreck of the Battle Ship, Maine, Havana, Cuba (077732); The Richest Hill on Earth, Butte, Montana (077733); #4238 Gold Mining in Idaho 1884 photo by Frank Jay Haynes (077734)