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Royal A. Prentice: glass negatives, lantern slides, film negatives, and equipment

Identifier: HP.1977.62-NMHM.1977.116-MNM.1977.116; MNM.PA.350

Content Description

Royal A. Prentice Collection - Tucumcari, NM and other locations. 1) 890 glass negatives by Royal Prentice 2) 202 photographic prints by Royal Prentice 3) 38 lantern slides 4) 3 boxes of unexposed lantern slides 5) 2363 various sizes film negatives by Royal Prentice 6) 5 printing frames, various sizes 7) 4 film packs 8) 1 vignetter 9) 2 dark slides for film holder. Locations include Taos, NM; Salt Lake City; Las Vegas, NM and surrounding area; Santa Fe, NM; Washington DC; Virginia; Tijeras Canyon, NM; Santa Rosa, NM; Tularosa, NM; Alamogordo, NM; Mexico; Chaco Canyon, NM; Carrizozo, NM; Conant Springs, NM; Conchas Dam, NM; Canyon de Chelly, AZ; Capital Reef National Park, UT; Death Valley, CA; David Hill, NM; Enchanted Mesa, NM, El Morro, NM; Lincoln, NM; Ft Sumner, NM; Gallo Canyon, NM; Glorieta, NM; Galisteo, NM; San Ildefonso; Jemez Springs, NM; Jornado, NM; Laguna; Acoma; Mesa Verde, CO; Mesa Redonda, NM; Pinos Wells, NM; Picuris; Pecos, NM; Petrified Forest, AZ; Casa Salazar, NM; Gran Quivira, NM; Quarai, NM; Texas; San Cristobal, NM; Three Rivers Ruin,; Tecolote,NM; Tesuque,NM; Overton,NV; Zia; Zuni; Zion Park,UT; Peru; Yosemite,CA; Louisiana Purchase Monument. Some images show exhibitions, artwork, pottery, kachinas, rock art, rock points, and other anthropological or archeological subjects. Inventory with HP paperwork (Related accessions see HP.77.31 and HP.85.93)

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Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Tschohl. From the family of the creator.

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  • 1893-1955


890 Photographic Negatives : glass negatives of various sizes

202 photographic prints

38 Photographic Slides : Lantern slides

2363 Photographic Negatives

15 items : 3 boxes unexposed lantern slides, 5 printing frames, 4 film back packs, 1 vignetter, 2 dark slides for film holder


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