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Photo Album pages, New Mexico School of Mines and other views

Identifier: HP.1998.09-MNM.1998.311.72

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Loose photo album pages with 72 snapshot photographs by Leon William Dupuy, depicting scenes around New Mexico, ca. 1916-1917. Scenes include views in and around Socorro (including the New Mexico School of Mines), Albuquerque, Escondida, and Nogal Canyon. Administration Bldg., New Mexico School of Mines (N.M.S.M.), Socorro; N.M.S.M. and old adobes, Socorro, N.M.; Power & mill bldgs., N.M.S.M., Socorro; Rear-view of the Dormitory, N.M.S.M., Socorro; Disturber of the Peace, bugle playing (Leon Dupuy); Socorro Mountain, near Socorro; Voting, election of 1916, Socorro; "Somebody has a goat left! And they keep it in bed", Socorro; School electrician hard at work, N.M.S.M., Socorro; "Over the Hills", Albuquerque; A Traveler-on his way to N.M.S.M., Socorro; "An orange country product misplaced in a Rocky Mt. snow"; "Escuela de Minas" in distance, Socorro; Main street in Socorro after a snow; An old Mexican wagon, Socorro; At top of Socorro Mt., Socorro; ''Two widely different New Mexico products" Socorro; Christian Endeavor Society on first hike to top of Socorro Mt.; "Dynamite", Sturgis, and Irene Smith; Rev. Mr. Erwin, 1st Presbyterian Church, Socorro; Robinson Park, Socorro; Leon Dupuy holding trombone; The Dormitory, N.M.S.M., Socorro; Escondito, north of N.M.S.M., Socorro; A street in Socorro; Socorro County Courthouse, Socorro; An old Mexican Couth [?] Bldg., Socorro; "Grandfather's house at the time of his death, Albuquerque; ''His Laboratory and office", Albuquerque; AT&SF depot, Albuquerque; Alvarado Hotel, Albuquerque; The Y.M.C.A., Albuquerque; Fishing for minnows, Socorro; The faculty of N.M.S.M. at tennis, Socorro; Engineering Bldg. N.M.S.M., Socorro; Students drilling with billiard cues after declaration of war with Germany N.M.S.M., Socorro; Krug and Marek alias "Mutt & Jeff" the "official C.E. violinists"; Choir at Epiphany Church at time of Bishop's coming, Socorro; C. E Hike, Nogal Canyon; "The whole bunch including "The C.E. Cavalry", Nogal Canyon; "Irene takes a drink", Nogal Canyon; "Tisall, Prof, & Krug'', Nogal Canyon; "Prof White, Dynamite, & Drug", Nogal Canyon; Pearl Schackenberg & Beulah Hernck, Nogal Canyon; Killing chickens for the Dorm, March & Dupuy kitchen crew, N.M.S.M., Socorro; Habladores'' at Catfish Lake; Irene, Mother, Dupowow-watchful waiting-fishing, Catfish Lake; At Catfish Lake fishing; A would-be Cowboy, Catfish Lake; man on horseback, near Socorro; "C.E. Horse Marines", Socorro; Dorothy Hill' s Surprise 16th Birthday Party - The bunch that surprised Dorothy, Socorro, May 15, 1917; First Presbyterian Church, Socorro; N.M.S.M. Dormitory, Socorro; An old mill near Park City; An old bath house at the city hot spring; Catholic Church, Socorro; Plaza, Socorro; N.M.S.M. from distance, Socorro; Religious procession, Socorro; A few old adobes, Socorro; lndian Bldg., Albuquerque; The yuccas near Victorville, California, view from train.

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Mrs. Barbara Hammer

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  • ca. 1916-1917


72 Photographic Prints


168609 to 168680; Itemized list in accession file.