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New Mexico photographs and photography magazines

Identifier: HP.1998.04-MNM.1998.393.76

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5 photographs, 2 cabinet cards, 1 magazine clipping, 1 newspaper clipping, 1 engraving, and 65 magazines. Magazines include 34 issues of Camera Craft from 1937-1940, 16 issues of Leica Photography from 1938-1939, 15 issues of Photo Technique from 1939-1941, and the August 1922 issue of The Mentor Magazine with the article "Picturesque Spain" with photos by Arnold Genthe. Photographs include Deer in New Mexico by T. Harmon Parkhurst, Sheep flock in New Mexico by T. Harmon Parkhurst, a cabinet card of an unidentified boy in Las Vegas (N.M.) by Furlong & Crispell, a cabinet card of an unidentified girl and baby by Skelly, a photograph of Dr. Paden with his two sons Brent and Melvin from White Oaks (N.M) by M. H. Koch, a photograph "Ready for Defense, Douglas, Arizona," a photograph "Guarding the Border, Douglas, Arizona," an engraving "The Young Photographer" painted by W. Bromley and engraved by Illman Brothers, a magazine page (page 154) with the poem "Sitting for Their Portraits," and a newspaper clipping of a poem by Emma Gertrude Weston "To a Baby's Photograph."

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Margolis & Moss

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8 Photographic Prints

68 items


173251 to 173260; Partially numbered itemized list in accession file.; Deer, New Mexico (173251); Sheep flock, New Mexico (173252); Unidentified boy, Las Vegas, New Mexico (173253); Unidentified girl and baby (173254); Dr. Paden and his two sons, Brent & Melvin, White Oaks, New Mexico (173255); "Ready for Defense, Douglas, Arizona" (173256); "Guarding the Border, Douglas, Arizona" (173257); "The Young Photographer" (173258); Magazine page with the poem "Sitting for Their Portraits" (173259); Newspaper clipping, Emma Gertrude Weston poem "To a Baby's Photograph" (173260)