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Walter Chappell and Detroit Photographic Company photographs

Identifier: HP.1996.19-MNM.1996.637.16

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4 11x14 photographs from the 1983 series "Solar Incarnate" by Walter Chappell and 12 16x20 Detroit Photographic Company mammoth plate photochroms of European views, primarily Switzerland, ca. 1900. Chappell's Solar Incarnate photographs are Solar One, Solar Three, Solar Nine, and Solar Twelve.

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John Boland

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  • ca. 1900
  • 1983



163539, 163543, and 165021 to 165034; Itemized list in accession file.; (#3033) Brunnen and the Mythen, seen from Seelisberg, Switzerland (163539); (#3170) Unidentified town, Switzerland (163543); "Solar One" (165021); "Solar Three" (165022); "Solar Nine" (165023); "Solar Twelve" (165024); (#3001) Grisons, Engadine, The Roneg Glacier ner Pontresina, Switzerland (165025); (#3009) Grisons, The Falls of the Inn near St. Moritz, Switzerland (165026); (#3053) Alps of Valais, Monte Rosa, Switzerland (165027); (#3097) Grisons, Engadine, Campfer, Silverplana, and Piz Margnu, Switzerland (165028); (#3150) Tessinl, Lugano and Monte Bre, Switzerland (165029); (#3164) Davosersee, Switzerland (165030); (#3169) Unidentified town in winter, Switzerland (165031); (#3135) The Palatine, Rome, Italy (163032); (#3139) Carinthial, Glocknerhaus Street Scene, Germany (?) (165033); (#59040) Trinity Church, Stratford-on-Avon, England (165034)