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Iona McCullough and James N. Furlong Photography

Identifier: HP.1987.87

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10 film negatives of various sizes by Iona McCullough, depicting Taos Pueblo and other location in New Mexico, ca. 1920s; 32 glass negatives by James N. Furlong depicting scenes of New Mexico, including Las Vegas and surrounding areas, ca. 1875-1906.

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Donis Garverick

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42 Photographic Negatives


014386, 037182, 091602, 100863, 110764, 131741, 138848-138867, 138869-138884; Itemized list in accession file.; Windmill, Plaza, Las Vegas New Mexico (014386); Stone and Adobe Hotels, las Vegas Hot Springs, N.M. [damaged] (037182); Plaza and W. National Ave., looking east, Las Vegas, New Mexico [copy] (091602); South Pacific Ave., looking north, Las Vegas, New Mexico (100863); Hermit from "Old Baldy" (Hermit's Peak) [copy] (110764); Las Vegas Gazette Bldg., Las Vegas, New Mexico (131741); Unidentified man, Taos Pueblo (138848); Unidentified man and child, Taos Pueblo (138849); Unidentified man, Taos Pueblo (138850); Unidentified group with horse in front of adobe [damaged] (138851); Starvation Peak, New Mexico (138852); Unidentified Indian ceremonial dance (138853); Two men and children at unidentified pueblo (138854); Children in cart pulled by burro (138855); Fiesta float, Santa Fe, New Mexico (138856); Unidentified Indian man (138857); Milking goats, New Mexico (138858); Unidentified adobe house (158859); Jack (?) Webb [left half damaged] (138860); Las Vegas, N.M. looking west [damaged, double-glassed] (138861); (#301) Mojave women [copy] (138862); Burro wagon, Douglas Ave., Las Vegas, N.M. [flaking lower corner] (138863); Unidentified group on horseback (138864); Las Vegas, New Mexico [damaged] (138865); Oxen wagon hauling wood, Las Vegas, New Mexico (138866); "Mummies" of Guanajuato, Mexico [copy] (138867); Unidentified group on burros at Adobe Hotel, Las Vegas Hot Springs, N.M. (138869); Unidentified group on horseback (138870); Family group at adobe house [damaged] (138871); "Mexican boys on burro" [copy] (138872); Unidentified group of soldiers [damaged] (138873); Unidentified group of soldiers (138874); (#7) Bath House, Las Vegas Hot Springs, New Mexico (138875); Las Vegas, New Mexico, view looking west (138876); Unidentified group of soldiers and Indians (138877); Unidentified group of soldiers and Indians (138878); East Las Vegas, New Mexico [damaged] (138879); Center Street, East Las Vegas, New Mexico (138880); Unidentified church [damaged] (138881); Las Vegas Gazette Bldg., Las Vegas, New Mexico (138882); Las Vegas New Mexico, view looking northeast (138883); Unidentified group on burros, Montezuma Hotel, Las Vegas Hot Springs (138884)