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Charles Apfelbaum; Photographs of South American mining trip ca. 1910

Identifier: HP.1987.71

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Album of 40 4 x 6 1/2 photographs of mining trip from Lake Titicaca, Bolivia to "Inca Ora" Gold Mine ca. 1910. Objects related to record HP.1987.46

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Charles Apfelbaum

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  • ca. 1910


40 Photographic Prints


138029-138068; Itemized list in accession file.; Store at Pallochuco [Pelechuco?], Bolivia (138029); Warehouse, alcohol station on Chilean border (138030); Church at Pallochuco [Pelechuco?] (138031); Yani Valley (138032); Alpaca farm, Corapato [Coripata, Cocapata?], Bolivia (138033); Mt. Collo [Jachacunocollo mountain?] (138034); Loaded pack mules, last pass to mines (138035); Mill and building "Inca Ora" mines, Profile mountain in background (138036); Mr. Brickers' house at the mine (138037); Company store at the mine (138038); Looking from the mine towards the Amazon country (138039); Suches Pass (138040); Sunchilli [?] Glacier (138041); Mt. Sunchilli [?] snow capped mountain (138042); Pallochuco [Pelechuco?] Mountain (138043); View along mountain trail (138044); Boulder along trail often used as shelter (138045); Mount Rosario, Bolivia (138046); Mt. Collo [Jachacunocollo mountain?] (138047); Mill and ore bin at "Inca Ora" mine (138048); "Cholo Indian woman and child" (138049); Town of Curvo [Curva?], Bolivia (138050); Herd of alpacas (138051); Alpaca pasture (138052); Alpacas at distance of 5 miles (138053); Profile mountain near mine (158054); Trail to mine (138055); Annual Feast day [Bolivia Independence Day] - Aug. 6 - Women wear 10-17 skirts [Pollares?] (138056); South American Indians on feast day, Soratti [Sorata?], Bolivia (138057); Religious services on feast day, Soratti [Sorata?], Bolivia (138058); Machinery at mines, Ball and Pebble mills (138059); Bolivian porkers (138060); "South American Indian, 130 years old" (138061); Loom with which the natives weave cloth (138062); Water motor at the mine (138063); Three little Spanish girls (138064); "Tony," pet of the camp (138065); Bookkeeper and his pet (138066); Dressing beef at the mine (138067); Llamas (138068)