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Kilburn, Benjamin W., 1827-1909


Found in 7 Collections and/or Records:

19 stereoviews of New Mexico

Identifier: HP.1989.39-MNM.PA.1989.373
Dates: ca. 1860-1920

Allan Hillesheim: Stereoviews of World's Fair Nebraska, Chicago

Identifier: HP.1990.64
Dates: 1867; 1893 - 1894

Harold Allen: Stereoviews of the Northwest and Northeast U.S., and Other Views

Identifier: HP.1983.13-MNM.1983.023-MNM.GA.2822-H
Dates: 1860 - 1910

McDowell Donation: Yosemite and China

Identifier: HP.1977.04-MNM.1977.005-MNM.PA.263

Photographs and stereoviews of Panama Canal, Rough Riders, Native Americans, and the West

Identifier: HP.1977.36-MNM.1977.072-MNM.PA.303
Dates: ca. 1898-1910

Stereoviews of Central America, the Philipines, and the West

Identifier: HP.1979.21-MNM.1979.032
Dates: 1897 - 1915

Vernon J. Glover: Postcards of Railroads of Canada, Peru, and California

Identifier: HP.1983.25-MNM.1983.037-MNM.GA.2834-I
Dates: 1914; 1983